Find below our frequently asked questions:

  • What size sunglasses does my child need?
Every child is unique and every child grows at their own pace. The categories are divided into 4-8 year old’s and 8-12 year old’s. However, a 2.5 or 3 year old will also fit the glasses, depending on the size of her head.
  • What is the material used for the frames?
The glasses are made of Truegrass, a unique material consisting of 60% recycled plastic from the food industry, 30% grass from the rice industry and 10% new material to meet the strict requirements of the eyewear industry.
  •  Do children need polaroid lenses or sunglasses?
UV protection is the most important, so prioritize that when choosing lenses for your little one. However, for comfort polarized lenses will reduce glare and (and to keep things looking natural through the lens), you may want to consider polarized lenses.
  •  What UV protection should children’s sunglasses have?
The eyes of children are still developing, and therefore it's important to protect the eyelids, iris, lens and sensitive retina from harmful sunrays and UV. Look for frames with 100% UV block, or UV400 which blocks 99,9% of the UVA and 98% of the UVB. Kid’s sunglasses should all be produced conform to European safety standards, EN 1836:2005
  • What protection is provided in the lenses?
We take kids eyes protection seriously. Our lenses are 100% UV blocking, and have a polarized layer inside. The lenses are eco nylon, which means that they include 40% resins of plant origin, with the remainder being fossil-origin by-products. The most eco-friendly choice on the market today.
  •  What are the differences between UV and Categories?
Uv stands for ultra violet, the harmful sun rays from the sun. Kid’s sunglasses should all be blocking 100% uv following the European safety standards. The categories are explaining something about the visible light transmission. There are 5 categories from 0 till 4. The higher the visible light transmission the lower the category. Category 3 has 9% till 18% light transmission and are seen as the best category for Sun lenses.
  •  The lenses are damaged, can I get a new one?
All our lenses are coated with a protective layer, but when kids enjoy the sun rays, the lenses probably scratch over time. We offer a reglaze option for a small fee, so you don’t need to pay for buying new frames. It’s even better for the world. 
  • How do I clean the lenses?
The lenses loved to be cleaned once in a while, but be careful with rubbing sand and dirt on the lenses.
just water and a clean cloth will do. And for those oily sunburn cream stains, it's best to add a drop of dishwashing liquid to a wet cloth.
  •  Why aren’t you providing a cleaning cloth?
Most cleaning wipes are made of microfibers, and unfortunately do not contribute to improving our climate. We assume that you probably have a microfiber cloth at home, and therefore do not need to make one specially for you. if you do not have one, we will gladly send you an unbranded one.
  •  Can I return the frames?
If you are not completely satisfied with your new sunnies, you can return them to us within 30 days to receive a full refund. We accept 30 days return or exchange policy, regardless of the reason. Are you done with them, or are they broken? You can send them back to us, and we will collect them all to make something else from the material.
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