the frame

Meet one, a perfectly round and classic kids frame. Suits pretty much everyone. This bold monkey is specially made for the eye’s of the future.

First of all, we start from scratch.
Making hand drawings and finalizing it in the computer.
No buying from agents or using standard frames.
We do it all, full Monty.

The round shape compliments most face shapes, and the universal nose bridge allows the glasses to fit most faces comfortably.
The thick frame provides optimal eye protection and is strong enough for everyday play.

We make our frames by using an injection mounding technique.
So, no left-over materials from cut outs, and this material doesn’t need a dirty after treatment like vanishing or polishing.
It’s just perfect, straight out the mold.

For the strength and best fit of the frame, we use stainless steel components.
The hinges are flexible. Just like after yoga practice, they can over bend with 11%. Which brings some comfort and durability to the frames.