how we do it

How we do it.

First of all, we start from scratch.
Making hand drawings and finalizing it in the computer.
No buying from agents or using standard frames.
We do it all, full Monty.

We choose to use True grass, a new and inspiring material from Taiwan.
made from grass fibers and recycled plastic bottles.
The grass is a leftover product from the rice industry.
After harvest they cut the grasses, and make it into fibers.
Those fibers are mixt with recycled plastics from the food industry and become granulates.

And the company that does that, has a closed loop manufactory proses.
Clever right?

We make our frames by using an injection mounding technique.
So, no left-over materials from cut outs, and this material doesn’t need a dirty after treatment like vanishing or polishing.
It’s just perfect, straight out the mold.

For the strength and best fit of the frame, we use stainless steel components. It’s within the temple, and the hinges to open the temples. Those are Flex hinges. Just like after yoga practice, they can over bend with 11%.
Which brings some comfort and durability to the frames.

Sounds like an amazing proses, right? It’s still not flawless and 100% earth friendly. But, we will continue to improve what we already do.

The lenses which are used, are protective, eco-friendly and covering 100% UV light. Which means UVA and UVB. Conform the European standards: EN 1836:2005

But we didn’t stop there; We added a polarized filter, to eliminate glare and to keep things looking natural. Want to know more regarding our lenses? see our Lenses and coating page. 

We ship our frames, directly within the packaging.
So, using less materials for transport. And decided to make the packaging useful. No tiny little bag, but a nice linen string bag, which you can use again to store your favorites.

How do you use it?